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save up to 99% of film material
and chemicals

- Considerable time savings
- Increase quality while less process steps
- Elimination of errors
- Convenient and easy to use

The Idea
Up to now, when producing high quality large-format prints it was necessary at first to make a contact from the color separations then enlarge onto final size films. After the development they had to be corrected, mounted and afterwards the plates or screens were exposed.
With the Proka Direct Projection System you can combine all mentioned separate process to one single process and expose straight from the color separation onto the plate or screen.

The camera system
The Proka mainly consists of three elements: the camera itself with the optical system, the projection window and electronic unit. Right opposite the camera there is the holding system for the plates or screens that are to be exposed.
High precision guide rails enable the most exact positioning of the enlargement. With the computer assisted controller unit once adjusted and saved data can always be reused.

The optical system
The optical system consists of the lens, diffusion and lamp system as well as the film positioning area in the projection window. These parts have been developed by Proditec and are produced with highest precision. A highly efficient cooling system ensures always cold film and positioning even under heavy exposure workload circumstances

Highly efficient light source
A 6 kW instant start-stop lamp not only ensures short exposure times. A special feature also is the easy maintenance and changing of the lamp, low cost for spare parts and low energy requirements. The lamp only burns while exposing and therefore can have a life of up to 10 000 exposures. A diagnostic system detects eventual errors and display them.


* Other magnifications on request;
** Dimensions and technical data may be changed according to customers specification.

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