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For the automatic washing and reclaiming of a screen.

Technical characteristics:

Composed of:

1. Automatic conveyor for the loading of the frame and the transfer to the washing chamber.

2. Automatic washing unit
Door inlet and intermediate suction lock, spraying chamber under vacuum with nozzle holder to provide double faced spraying of the frame.

  • Primary washing by 2 sets of bladed nozzles with large diameter opening (3,7 mm) supplied by a stainless steel hoses with a max resistance tested under 1000 bar.
  • Supply by a jointless steel pumps driven by a 5.5 CV motor with a flow rate of 15 m3/h under 4/5 bar.
  • Final washing by 2 sets of low rate nozzles supplied by a pneumatic pump adjustable with clean solvent.

3 Storage tanks:
  • A tank fitted with pneumatic pump, automatically supplied with clean solvent by the distiller.
  • A tank fitted with a 5,5 CV pumps for primary washing.
  • A tank for the dirty solvent to be distilled, receiving the overflow of the washing solvent tank when the latter receives the clean solvent sprayed at the end of the cycle.
  • Primary filter in the outlet of the spraying chamber and secondary filter protecting the 5,5 CV pumps.
Suction station to put the spraying chamber under vacuum, automatic changeover to max. flow rate when opening the doors.

Automatic reclaiming unit
Door linked to the motion of the conveyor, automatic opening to keep water and solvent washing areas separated.
Horizontal nozzle holder with vertical motion driven by stainless steel chains, double faced spraying with different sets of nozzles.
Lower storage tank for the recirculated water that supplies the high pressure circuit.

Centralised control box with MODEM linked to our factory for remote maintenance and real time service.