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Technical characteristics:

High spray efficiency on both sides of the screen achieved by a mobile spray unit. Spraying cell under sub-atmospheric pressure for the protection of the operator.

Explosion proof according to Eex-d Norm, witch permits using chemicals with low flash point.
All the machine parts are resistant to commonly used solvent so that free choice of chemicals is granted.
Other than normal cleaning practice , the machine does not require any special maintenance

Typical Application:

  • Working with all type of classical solvent with flash point over +21° (recommended for a small  quantity of screens)
  • Working with VARIOCLEAN S
  • Working with VARIOCLEAN A (connected with a the Automatic device for the supplying of the VARIOCLEAN chemical component and the automatic device for the separation of the ink and emulsion waste
In this case the operator only need to rinse the screen with high pressure pump after the washing.