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Buisine S.A. is supplier for the screen printing industry since 1944. The last twenty years our main business is planning and supplying of complete automatic screen reclaiming equipment: Basic and detail engineering, delivery, implementation, documentation, acceptance, service/training.
Our unique modular solutions are based on long time practical experience accompanied by close and confident collaboration with leading chemistry suppliers.
High performances, as well as working safety and easy maintenance are the most essential factors for our constructions.
All our equipment are designed and build in compliance with the European Explosion Protection Directives ATEX 95 and 137 which has been a legal requirement in all European Union Member States since 1st July 2003 and also marked with the EC symbol.
For easy and fast operation our machines are equipped with a central switching cabinet provided with an interactive touch screen. With this one-of-a-kind programming device u. a. we can modify the working speed, number of washing cycles, drip off and drainage times, chemistry and fresh water consumption etc.
An additional modem link for remote maintenance to our factory guarantees competent around-the-clock service and monitoring.
Our available standard sizes are for screen formats of 1.100 x 1.100 mm up to 2.500 x 5.000 mm.
For very special cases we create particularly solutions up to 9.000 mm.
Our automatic reclaiming systems are usable for solvent- or water based chemistry in accordance with the customers' requirements. We dispose of best references in our home country France, Europe, USA and Asia.