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Working principle of the DUO SCREEN washing and reclaiming line

This installation allows to double the hourly capacity compa#669933 to a standard line, while maintaining an equal length.

The DUO SCREEN includes 2 parallel conveyors passing through the same processing areas, so that 4 screens can be processed simultaneously (2 for washing and 2 for reclaiming).

Considering a cycle of 8 minutes for a max. format of  220 x 250 cm, it will be possible to reach a turnover of 120 frames within 8 hours.

This parallel processing also allows to service the pump, the filter or the conveyor of a line without stopping the other one.

To rise the daily capacity of this device, two magazines for 12, 24 or 48 frames can be installed up- and downstream, so that it will be possible at the end of the first or the second shift to load the frames that have to be washed in the inlet magazine and find them clean the next day in the unloader.

Besides the solvent washing area has been foreseen to be used with an automatic distiller to allow clean solvent washing of each frame and a continuous renewal of used solvents by the washing unit.

The DUO SCREEN line does not only feature high performances, it also provides ease and security of operation.

Technical characteristics:


  1. Inlet module with double conveyor for the simultaneous loading of two screens.
Automatic transfer to the washing chamber.

  1. Double automatic washing unit
Double door inlet and intermediate suction lock, spraying chamber under vacuum with double nozzle-holder to provide double-faced spraying of both frames.
  • Primary washing by 4 sets of bladed nozzles with large diameter opening (3,7 mm) supplied by 2 braided stainless steel hoses with a max. resistance tested under 1000 bar.
  • Supply by 2 jointless stainless steel pumps driven by 5,5 CV motors with a flow rate of 15 m3/h under 4/5 bar.
  • Final washing by 4 sets of low-rate nozzles supplied by 2 pneumatic pumps adjustable with clean solvent.
3 storage tanks :
  • 1 x 200 litter-tank fitted with the pneumatic pumps, automatically supplied with clean solvent by the distiller.
  • 1 x 300 litter-tank fitted with both 5,5 CV pumps for primary washing.
  • 1 x 200 litter-tank for the dirty solvent to be distilled, receiving the overflow of the washing solvent tank when the latter receives the clean solvent sprayed at the end of the cycle.
Primary filter in the outlet of the spraying chamber and 2 secondary filters protecting the 5,5 CV pumps.
Suction station to put the spraying chamber under vacuum, automatic changeover to max. flow rate when opening the doors.
Large lateral opening with double door for an easy access to the inside of the device.

  1. Double automatic Reclaiming unit
Double inlet door linked to the motion of the conveyor, automatic opening to keep water and solvent washing areas separated.
Double horizontal nozzle-holder with vertical motion driven by stainless steel chains, double-faced spraying with 2 & 4 different sets of nozzles :
  • Low-rate nozzles for stripper spraying
  • Low-rate nozzles for cleaner spraying
  • Special nozzles for high pressure
  • Economical nozzles for rinsing water
Lower storage tank of 900 litter for the recirculated water that supplies the high pressure circuit.

4 adjustable dosing units for the injection of cleaner and stripper concentrates.
2 x 2 V booster pumps to supply the HP pump.
2 stainless steel HP pumps with 2 x 40 CV motors, with a flow rate of 100 litters/min. under 110 bar.
6 stages filtration of recirculated water :
  • 1x 3 stages pre filtration group with movable large size drawers
  • 2 cartridge filters, automatic cleaning in reverse flow, controlled by the automaton.
  • 2-candle water filters.
  • 1 fine filter in front of each HP nozzle.

  1. Outlet module with double conveyor receiving the clean screens after reclaiming.
Presence detector stopping the line when the frames are not collected by the operator.

  1. Centralised control box with MODEM linked to our factory for remote maintenance and real time service.
Interactive colour touch screen group with block diagram for the adjustment of all parameters.
  • Number of nozzle holder washouts
  • Travelling speed of the nozzle holders
  • Drainage time
  • Chemical action time
  • Automatic cleaning frequency

Typical Application:

  • Working with all type of classical solvent with flash point over +21(recommended for medium or high screen quantity) or with VARIOCLEAN S