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Technical characteristics:

Fully stainless steel construction.
Manual lateral frame loading with automatic fastening clamps on the opposite stoppers.
Can be integrates into an automatic line with automatic transfer conveyor.
Double faced spraying by two cross washout carriages with vertical motion installed in a movable tower with horizontal motion.
2 groups of 3 nozzles for a regular and homogeneous spraying on the whole frame surface.
High capacity storage tank for recirculated water in the base of the device for water savings.

1,5 KW pump for the supply of the recirculated water nozzles, with high surface candle water filter during the developing phase.

Working cycle:

  • Primary recirculated water spraying. All parameters adjustable:
  • Water pressure up to 6 bars.
  • Nozzle travelling speed
  • Number of reciprocation.
Final rinsing with tap water. Sprayed water fall back into the recirculated water tank for it be renewed.

All times- travelling, speed can be adjusted from the central control box with touch screen and block diagram.

Typical Application:

  • Automatic developing of a medium or high quantity of screen.
  • Water savings with the recirculated water device.

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